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BRAIN is the consultant amongst the auditors.
We offer media consulting, media auditing and media management at its best.
Nationally, internationally, globally.

Why Brain?

Leading and optimizing media instead of backward looking and agency bashing

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Director & Founder. With substance, openness, and persistence. Always cuts to the chase.

Markus Werner
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Media & Procurement. National & international. Knows all perspectives – from the inside.

Katja Haars
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Rapid digital thinker. Agency career in strategy & purchasing, all the way to management.

Christopher Laharnar
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High-profile digital marketing expert. Outstanding references. Grounded and buzzword-free.

Cornelia Schmid
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Proponent of enlightenment. International actor. Many years of leadership.

Elmar Schmid
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Renowned audit specialist with a passion for communication in the public sphere.

Dr. Silvia Weiss
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