Cornelia Schmid

Listening to Cornelia Schmid, you might get the impression that she is out of place in an industry characterized by buzzwords, quick promises and often deliberate vagueness. Anyone who meets her recognizes immediately that she is astute and equipped with clear language that is both charming and refreshing, yet devoid of showy posturing. In fact, she is one of Germany’s most distinguished digital media experts.

Over the years, Cornelia has successfully advised many of the major players in advertising. When matters get really complex and other professionals are out of their depth, she is in her element. She has no fear of new trends and concepts. In fact, Cornelia finds it particularly attractive that digital media is a constantly changing field, full of new and thorny challenges.

Cornelia always pursues a direct route to success with unflagging determination. Not least at Performance Media, where she started right after getting her MBA with top marks from Mannheim University. Within just a few years, she took on executive positions, most recently as a managing director in the key account management of this renowned digital media agency.

Reliability, appreciation and fairness are core values to Cornelia, both privately and professionally. She knows from experience that these form the basis of long-term customer relationships. Cornelia sticks by her word, and she also expects others to keep their promises.

Her enthusiasm for digital media is highly contagious and we can therefore heartily recommend a conversation with her, guaranteed free of digital media jargon!


Selected mandates including over eleven years of work for Performance Media: 1&1 Internet, Allianz, Brown Forman, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, European Union, Madeleine Mode, Miele, NKD, Peter Hahn