Kirsten Pichlmüller

When things are really humming, and others are in danger of losing perspective, Kirsten Pichlmüller is the right person for the job. She herself does not like being the center of attention, but when things kick into high drive, everything happens at once, and a high degree of multitasking is required, she feels right at home.

Pragmatic thinking and structured organization set her apart early on: after finishing her A-Level and training as a Hotel Manager, the 24-year-old from the Rhineland took a position as Reception Manager of a 300-bed establishment of an international hotel chain. Love later brought Kirsten to Munich, and for the next 15 years, she organized large events and incentive programs for renowned clients as an Event Manager.

Since 2010, Kirsten has kept a steady hand on all the administrative aspects of BRAIN which would pull consultants away from their advisory work. The best prerequisite for working at BRAIN: Kirsten can be, as she puts it, “scrupulous to a T”, but she also does not take herself too seriously. She is responsible for bookkeeping, HR issues, trip planning and basically serves as Office Manager and “Minister of the Interior” to ensure our entire office keeps running. Anyone who has called or visited BRAIN has been greeted by Kirsten’s charm and quick wit.

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