Dr. Silvia Weiss

Posing questions, distrusting the supposedly obvious or more eye-catching option, but also ready to leave the well-traveled path and explore new avenues all describe Silvia Weiss, Ph.D., the audit specialist with a particular passion for public communication.

When it comes to the many-layered field of Out-of-Home, Silvia is a renowned and revered expert industry-wide with a background in communication science, social philosophy and political science, and over 25 years of experience. Initially, as a special mediator, then in other positions, including as Managing Director of her own agency Autdoor, she later served as executive board member for marketing and sales at Contrast AG. For many years, she has been a sought-after auditor whose precise analyses have a reputation for mercilessly uncovering strategic weaknesses.

As an art expert with experience with Zeit Kunstverlag as well as the NRW Arts Foundation and a former owner of a contemporary art gallery in Düsseldorf, Silvia is a perfect fit for BRAIN. As a sparring partner who naturally prefers to operate behind the scenes, she delivers substantial analyses that are guaranteed to be watertight and resilient by remaining facts and results-driven, with intellectual ambition and a clear focus on strategy and impact. Suboptimal out-of-home solutions don’t stand a chance with Silvia.


Selected mandates including over 15 years of work for AFP Agentur für Außenwerbung, Autdoor GmbH and as a board member at Contrast AG: 20th Century Fox, Ansons, Benetton, Burger King, Danone, Deit, Dockers, Dunlop, EA Sports, EnBW, EON, ERGO Gruppe, Freenet, Golden Toast, Henniger Bräu, Konen, Lodenfrey, Löwenbräu, McDonald’s, Mediengruppe RTL, Molkerei Weihenstephan, P&C, Paulaner, Pfanni, Point S, Samsung, Telekom, TUI, Unilever, Vodafone, Yello Strom

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