Just like all the others. Until you take a closer look.



BRAIN was founded over 20 years ago as a conscious reaction to the current ex-post oriented media auditing firms. We aim to support companies in creating a successful media presence for the future. Our approach is forward-looking rather than limited to conditions and discounts.

As part of this process, we believe first and foremost in active media management. In essence, we perceive media as a management task that strives for constant improvement while keeping clearly formulated goals in mind. Before an investment takes place, we do everything in our power to secure the approval of perfectly optimized plans instead of retracing our steps to determine where the media strategy went wrong, or merely scolding the agency afterward.

We believe that media agencies are capable of excelling when they are addressed as team members on an equal footing, treated with appreciation and professional distance, and provided with continual challenges.

We are convinced that taking stock, or auditing, can be useful in this respect. However, this requires different approaches than those offered by conventional tools such as benchmarking, even beyond the digital sector. If customers are satisfied with asterisks on average discounts, placement efficiencies, and other cheap standards, they are not the only ones falling asleep at the wheel. Their service provider as well will only jump as high as the chronically outdated or the often unambitious new bar is set. There is a good reason why the best in the market, the “expert caretakers”, demand more, certainly not only when it comes to purchasing.

We want to serve as a role model and a conscious counterpart, particularly in an industry that constantly speaks of transparency and independence, but which lacks a great deal of integrity. Above all, we wish to address the consultants and auditors who offer you similar services as we do, but who, unlike us, also work for agencies, media, or marketers, or offer such services themselves. Any service provider who is paid by agencies and marketers at the same time, or who has long since evolved into an agency, is, of course, neither “neutral” nor “independent” but rather negotiates for themselves. This typically involves anything but your best interest.



Using our own processes and instruments, we analyze all levers of media management – above all, strategy, planning, purchasing, evaluation, and agency management. We can then identify a far greater scope for optimization than with a predominantly purchasing-oriented approach.

We do this with excellently trained senior marketers, copy development strategists, content and PR experts, and heads of media who have held a leading role among clients, agencies, and/or media groups for many years. After all, we are convinced that our claim to quality leadership can only be fulfilled through the outstanding abilities of our consultants and our interdisciplinary BRAIN approach.

“BRAIN is the consultant among auditors.” We see this less as a compliment than as a commitment.

Our tools and those of our partners, customers, and agencies help us. But despite all the white noise in our industry: buying a car doesn’t mean you know how to drive it. Whether it comes to the number of tools or the absurd promises of their abilities, agencies are often unconvinced, and consultants and auditors even less so. In any case, “tool with BRAIN” appeals to us more than tool sales and the belief in them that only leads to headaches when viewed critically.



We offer the complete spectrum of excellent media management, media consulting, and media auditing. More details can be found here.

As a pioneer and leader in quality, we have succeeded in building a clear profile. Nevertheless, the various terms that are often bandied about on the market, such as “auditing”, “media consulting”, and “pre-flight assessment”, seem interchangeable at first glance. Interested parties understandably look for differences and seek a market partner that is a good match. To help in this process, our dedicated service descriptions that go far beyond the market standard are available, along with current references.

What you are offered sounds similar. What you receive is another story.

When it really comes down to delivery, providers in the auditor market differ significantly in terms of “why” (purpose) and “how”. However, to our knowledge, very few websites and self-portrayals shed light on these aspects.

However, these factors are decisive for determining whether the agency and auditor fit together and create lasting value for the client.